After an order has been placed and the payment confirmed successfully, the client will be called or email to confirm the shipping information in order to avoid any orders being shipped to the wrong address. After everything is confirmed, we go ahead to package and ship the order. This process usually takes less than 24 hours, except during weekends. Once shipped, the client is notified via email or a phone call. The tracking information is always sent via email so that the client can track the order themselves.

Please note: When tracking the order, you need to use the tracking information provided in the email. If you can’t find it when we say we’ve sent, then you may need to check your junk folder. Trying to track the package on our website sometimes creates confusion as the orders are shipped without the status reflecting on our website.

Shipping within the US and Canada takes 3 business days for the orders to get to the respective clients. Shipping to Europe, Asia and south America may take up to 5 days. As for the rest of the world, it can take up to 3 days depending on the postal system of that country.

After a client has received his or her order, the client has 3 weeks of return period. During this period, the client can return the firearm if he or she finds any problem with the physical state or the performance of the firearm or any other item purchased from our website or shop. In a situation where this happens, the client will pay the return fee and if we have to ship another item, then we’ll be the one to pay for the shipping charges. 

The client can also order something else if we don’t have any more of the purchased item in stock. The  client can also ask for a refund, which brings us conveniently to our next part.

For a client to be eligible for refund, that client needs to receive the order and have a valid claim as to why they want a refund for example, the state of the item isn’t as shown on the website, faulty items etc. Damaged items too are eligible for refunds or returns. Stolen packages or undelivered packages are eligible for return but a client cannot file for a return for delayed deliveries. To file for a refund, you need to contact us via phone or email and we’ll send you a form to fill. After filling this form, return it to us and once the accounting department clears the payment, we’ll send you a confirmation email.